Life is full of beautiful moments worth remembering, whether it is an engagement, family photos or a wedding. At Sheldon Studios our passion is providing quality service and our goal is to capture that perfect shot that you can always look back at. Check out our feature collections and photo page for more details.


We believe in capturing the present and the past. With our photo preservation services you can do just that. In this process we take your old photos and create high quality digital copies, restore them to their original state, and provided reproduction prints. Finally, we take your originals and preserve them in archival housing to  prolong the life of the print.


Unlike any other format video can provide the experience of being there. Your customers can test your product, your family can relive your wedding day, the possibility are only limited to your imagination. Let us provide this service to you. Whatever the occasion at Sheldon Studios we provide high quality video at a rate you can afford.